Mini and MicroLed Transfer

Disruptive laser-based solution for mini and micro led transfer.

  • Kulicke & Soffa – LUMINEX

    The PCM mode is typically for the placement of dies (COB*) or packaged dies (POB**) on a substrate or backplane of a display. Another use is in re-pitching of dies to the required pitch prior to mass transfer. It has a burst speed of 100 dies per second (360k UPH) and an accuracy of 10μm 3σ for mini LED applications. The SCAN mode is available for high speed placement of mini and micro LED dies. This mode is typically used for sorting, mixing and mass transfer. The SCAN mode is typically at 1,000 dies per sec (3.6kk UPH) for most mini LED applications and can allow speed up to 10,000 dies per sec.

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